The Ignite NPS foundation supports projects and initiatives that:

  • Build practical competencies that help non-profit boards and management to lead in this complex and competitive environment
  • Shake up the status quo, spurs non-profit leaders to action and enables them to get out in front of change
  • Presents new and creative ways of working, whether in governance, management, resource development or collaboration

About the Chair

LindaMollenhauer photo

Prior to creating Ignite NPS, Linda Mollenhauer was a consultant for over twenty years working with funders and community based organizations in the not-for-profit sector. In collaboration with other partners, she developed resources such as Collaboration Coach, Benchmarks of Excellence for the Nonprofit Sector; Building Nonprofit Networks; Board Oversight of Not-for-Profit Collaboration; and A Framework for Success for Nonprofit Federations. (See Publications) Linda was also President and CEO of Imagine Canada.